Wellness Events


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Please email us at Contact@VitalityWomensPT.com if you have suggestions for future community lectures or events at Vitality Women's Physical Therapy and Wellness.

Studio space is also available to host wellness events!

Upcoming Events:

National Women's Health Week 2018: May 13th to 19th

Join the women's and pelvic health experts at Vitality during our annual week of free events for the community. 


(331) 215-4164 or Contact@VitalityWomensPT.com

Coffee Talks

9:30-10:30am Monday, May 14th:

Don't make me laugh! How to prevent and treat urinary incontinence.

9:30-10:30am Wednesday, May 16th:

Why I Hurt! The "Core" Connection to Back, Hip, and Knee pain

Prenatal Yoga Workshop

9:30-11am Thurs, May 17th: Prenatal Yoga Workshop by Annie Cumming, PT, DPT, RYT

Join Annie Cumming, pelvic floor physical therapist and yoga teacher, for a morning dedicated to exploring prenatal health through yoga practices. This is an opportunity to support the changes occurring in your body, and enhance your own practices of mindfulness and self-care as you prepare for labor and delivery.

Part 1:

The first hour of the workshop will be discussion based, focusing on local anatomy and the significant physical changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy. We will learn about musculoskeletal causes for common prenatal aches and pains while introducing healthy habits, posture and movement strategies to prevent and alleviate symptoms of back, abdominal, and pelvic pain. Learn how to measure for diastasis rectus, prevent pubic symphysis pain, and address round ligament pain.

We will look in detail at the pelvic floor muscles and how this small group of muscles is essential movement, confidence, and our sense of self. We will discuss pelvic health symptoms as our body’s way of communicating with us, allowing for a fuller understanding of our own personal needs and individually prepare for labor and delivery.

And finally, we will explore wellness practices to promote pelvic health, allowing for enhanced strength, coordination, relaxation within the pelvic floor.

Part 2:

We bring this all together with an hour-long therapist led yoga practice, integrating breath work, local pelvic muscle recruitment, and guided meditation into a gentle prenatal asana practice focused on postural modifications, restoration, and self care.

Teacher Bio:

Annie Cumming, PT, DPT, RYT, has over ten years of experience as a yoga teacher leading both private and group based asana classes. In addition to earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Annie has advanced training in physical therapy treatment for pelvic floor conditions related to pain, bowel and bladder health, and pregnancy. Her holistic approach to wellness allows her to integrate a cohesive blend of evidence-based clinical research, manual therapy, mindfulness, and breath practice into patient care and yoga classes. Annie is passionate about working with the whole person to support living more fully in your body for an engaging, healthy life.