Total Control®

Total Control®


Medically proven to promote flatter abs, improve bladder control, enhance your sex life, and provide a better night’s sleep, our signature series is designed to help you achieve the quality of life you deserve.

Created by leading experts in the fields of Urogynecology and Physical Therapy, this fitness and wellness program focuses solely on the often neglected, but oh-so very important pelvic muscles. Given it’s those same muscles that keep our “exit” organs working, support our bodies during pregnancy and childbirth, and enable us to fully enjoy sex, isn’t it time we gave these muscles some love?

Through a combination of classroom instruction and exercise, you’ll learn the critical role the pelvic muscles play with your body, common dysfunctions, causes, and treatments related to the pelvis, and how you can support good pelvic health through specific exercises, nutrition, and good bathroom habits.

We think this class will change your life, but don’t just take our word for it:

“After attending the class for 6 weeks, I am amazed at the results! Through exercises, and changes in behavior I have minimized to eliminate incontinence issues like leaking while exercising, laughing, coughing. This class should be part of every pre and post partum plan for women! Glad my 9 years of suffering does not need to continue!!”


“The program is structured so well . . . It is a very manageable amount of reading and the book is very readable. In fact, the book is so interesting that I suspect most of us already skimmed through the entire book . . . Jen sends us off with a promise to do 2 minutes of our exercises. This is SO reasonable. Who can say they can't fit 2 minutes in? And once you start, it's easy to exercise more.”


The Details...

Age: All ages are welcome

Ability:  All fitness levels are welcome (this class requires the ability to get on and off the floor independently)

Length of series:  10-week series

Cost:  $150 for (10 total sessions)

Instructor:   Jen David

Fall 2018 session beginning Monday, Oct 15th.  Weekly sessions 9:30-10:30am on Mondays.

Session: Oct 15th through Dec17th.

Registration: Call (331) 215-4164

Core Series: level 2

Requested by our patients, this class is designed for women who have previously completed the Total Control series and are looking to maintain or improve upon their initial results or current and former Vitality patients.

The Details...

Age: All ages are welcome

Ability:  You must have previously completed the Total ControlⓇ Workshop or are a current/former patient

Registration:  advanced registration for 6 week series Call (331) 215-4164

Class size:  maximal class capacity 10

Cost:  $90 per 6-week series

Future sessions TBD.  Contact us if you were a past participant interested in returning