Meet Our Team

Jennifer Sergeant HungatePT, DPT, MS, WCSPhysical Therapist & Co-owner
Christianna ChristianPT, DPT, WCSPhysical Therapist
Anne CummingPT, DPT, RYTPhysical Therapist & Registered Yoga Teacher
Amy PawlikPT, DPT, CCSPhysical Therapist/Co-owner
Katherine IrelandPT, DPT, CLTPhysical Therapist & Certified Lymphedema Therapist

At Vitality, we all have one thing in common: We care deeply about helping women feel their best during all stages of life. We understand the toll your health can take on your life as moms, managers, wives, grandmothers, volunteers, and friends. This belief serves as the backbone of all of the work we do, which includes helping women with:

● Pelvic health

● Orthopedic conditions

● Neurological conditions

● Bladder and bowel health

● Cardiopulmonary conditions

● Prenatal and postpartum health

Visiting a physical therapist that specializes in women’s health is so personal that you should absolutely know more about who’s going to be treating you.

We think we have a pretty stellar team of experts - we have advanced training in women’s health, have been part of the teaching faculty in higher education and at professional organizations, and have all committed our careers to helping women feel and function at their very best.

We hope that after learning more about us, you’ll feel comfortable (or better yet, excited!) walking into your first appointment.