A Wellness Clinic for Women

The new mom who struggled to carry her child.

The CEO who couldn’t work.

The marathoner who gave up running.

These women all have something in common. They experienced a level of discomfort that prohibited them from living their life – doing the things they need to do to earn a living, to enjoy life, to take care of their families.

These stories are real and they’re the inspiration behind Vitality.

We’re founded on the simple idea that a woman’s body is constantly evolving and while those changes may feel like minor annoyances, they actually have a major impact on her life. Our goal is to empower women to be at their physical best, whether that’s chasing three kids, training for the next race, or commanding the boardroom.

The Women Behind Vitality

And, that’s us.

We’re two best friends who met in grad school more than fifteen years ago - paired together as roommates while we pursued our individual physical therapy degrees. While we both admit that living with a stranger had its challenges, we couldn’t be more lucky to have found one another.

Now we’ve come together as business partners to create something new and different. Vitality is more than just a clinic; it’s a space we’ve created to serve the women of this community, to connect with our neighbors, and to improve the town that we live in for our families and ourselves.

Learn more about our team

Physical Therapists/Co-owners,
Jennifer & Amy

Our Vision

Optimizing women's health and
vitality through the lifespan.

Our Mission

To provide women an integrated approach to health and wellness. To empower individuals to achieve their maximum potential for fitness and function through rehabilitation and prevention services offered by
advanced specialists.