How Do We Help Women?

In short, because we’re women and we get it.

Yes, we can serve a wide range of issues and diagnoses, but our specialty is addressing the problems that women face as their bodies evolve throughout their lifetime, like achiness in the back or pelvic area, stretching and pulling of abdominal muscles, pain with intercourse, and incontinence. The list goes on and on, but if you’re here reading this, you know what we mean.

You’re more than just a mom, woman, wife, employee, right? So, shouldn’t your road to wellness be as multidimensional and unique as you are as a person? Not only are our treatment plans personalized to your specific situation and needs, but also they incorporate a holistic approach of physical therapy, education, and exercise.

With all those roles you’re juggling, we know you can barely find the time to get your haircut, much less time to work on your physical therapy exercises. That’s why we’ll work with you to incorporate simple exercises throughout your daily activities, whether you’re lifting your baby out of your crib or carrying the groceries. And, our schedule is as flexible as you need us to be - because we know you’re coming from work or running to pick your kids’ up from school.

We get how awkward it can be to share your most embarrassing moments with a stranger, so we’ve worked hard to create a space that feels personal, comfortable and inviting. Since we’re a small, independently owned clinic, so you can trust us when we say that you’ll always get personal attention from the same therapist in a small-clinic setting. What you won’t get are those long wait times, clinical treatment rooms, and a feeling that your pain isn’t as important as others.

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