How Elmhurst Moms (and their kids) Get and Stay Active

27 April 2018

One of the most common complaints that we hear from our clients is how to stay active with kids. It’s a challenge that all mothers with young children struggle with and one that we can definitely relate to. For my family, we try to get involved in the community as much as we can. For example, every year, my family walks in the Annie Legere “To the Moon and Back” Walk and the Elmhurst Memorial Day Parade (representing Vitality, of course)!  Check us out again this year!

But, we hit the streets of Elmhurst to hear what other moms of this family-friendly and active community do to stay fit with their children. And, boy, did these moms come through - the below list includes some of their top tips, hidden gems, and secret spots for how they stay in shape with their kids. This list is as juicy as the latest US Weekly issue and will keep you (and your littles) going for months to come.

“My gym has a program called Fit for Life for kids so when I go to the gym to workout they do too.”

-Carly (Mom to Hugh, Max, and Myra)

“In the winter, my kids will workout to my 21-day fix workouts in the basement with me. We’ve taken several family Taekwondo lessons and my kids are really into watching American Ninja Warrior so we can’t wait to try out Funtopia. In the summer, we spend a ton of time at our lake house and the kids love to kayak.”

-Leslie (Mom to Will and Anna)

“I take my girls to Graue Mill to hike and see the waterfalls. In the winter, we’ll head over to Westmont Yard for their indoor play facility. There is also Little Lotus (yoga classes) at The Dailey Method.”

-Natalie (Mom to Makenzie, Lauren)

“Our favorite thing is to jog along the Prairie Path and stop along the playgrounds between Elmhurst and Lombard. We always enjoy the pool, especially Smalley Pool tot swim on Saturday mornings. There’s not a lot of people and the kids could stay for hours and play.”

-Liz (Mom to Lily and Charlie)

“I take the kids to the DuPage Forest Preserve - we love Fullersburg Woods, York Woods, or Kline Creek. When it’s cold out, we go to Tots Playtime at Pinstripes. Something that I’ve been wanting to try is Go Ape Chicago in Western Springs.”

-Julie (Mom to Grant and Deacon)

“I’ve just gotten back into running so my son will bike along while I run. Plus, there’s a number of running races that take place right here in Elmhurst so I’ll sign both of us up to run - he does the kids race.”

-Nadine (Mom to Jake and Violet)

“I often find a track to run at while my kids play soccer or catch on the infield. Sometimes they’ll even join me for a few laps.”

-Sarah (Mom to Emily, Ben, and Maddi)

“We do yoga together at Yoga Shala or Fitt-RX. We’ll bike to Berens Park and run up and down the snow hill. In the winter, we’ll do family skate at the YMCA on the weekends.”

-Sharon (Mom to Isabelle and Grant)

“Elmhurst has so much to offer! We love to go to the tennis courts and the track as a family.”

-Cindy (Mom to Maddy and Gabby)

Let’s keep the list going mommas! What’s your favorite way to get out and about with your kids? Post in the comments section.

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